Financial Education

Since I was a kid I was told to save some money. However even though my dad was an economist, he never talked about investing and planning for retirement. He passed away a couple of years ago. I recently knew about tax except saving retirement accounts, like Individual Retirement Account (IRA) and Individual Saving Account (ISA) in other countries. However, I did not know anything about investing. So I took a free online course on financial planning.

Before that I thought of finance as boring, complicated and that it had that little to do with me. Now I realized how important finance literacy is and the role of finance in this society. I have saving accounts for work, I use a credit card for online shopping, I borrowed money for buying a car when I started growing grapes, and also had a no-interest loan to finance the drip irrigation system. Therefore I wanted to learn more and I started a course on Financial Markets from Yale University. The instructor is Robert Shiller, who was award the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences in 2013. The course is very interested and I wish I could talk to my dad about it. Now I talk my young children about finance and how important planning for retirement is.

One thing I learned is that investing is not about making money, it is about not losing money.

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