End of Year Gift

Recently I received a gift. It is a special sake made only from grains of part of the rice panicle. The sake was shipped refrigerated directly from the brewery. I don’t know about sake, but it tastes very good.

Gifts are part of the Japanese culture, and there are two times during the year when people give gifts to thank someone. During the summer and at the end of year. During the summer, fruits are common for Mid year gifts. I produce early season grapes for that time. People usually order gifts directly from the producer, like from a grape grower in my case. I pack and ship fresh grapes from my warehouse.




Green wood

It takes at least six months for green wood to dry for using it as stove firewood. Green wood contains up to 100% of moisture content, and
around 20% when dried or seasoned. Splitted wood is stacked outside preventing ground moisture and keep it dry from the rain.

When I was at a home-center shopping for wood to use as the base, I met a friend who told me he had lots of bamboo I could use. I wanted bamboo because it is strong and does not rot, but I did not find any. We went to his property where there is a bamboo forest.  There he showed me how to cut the bamboo. It was 13 m tall, and with three of them it was enough.


For the first time since we moved to Koryo I rode my bike and took some pictures. It was a sunny but cool Saturday afternoon. There aren’t many mountains, but there are nice narrow roads. I borrowed a mirrorless digital camera with interchangeable lenses. It has many functions and I am still learning how to use it. Using the manual mode the photos looked dull. So I tried editing them to make them look make more vivid.


せん定をする前に加温栽培の畑のかん水チューブを変えました。約450 m、1分間に38lが出ます。今は1日に1 ,000l水が出ます、夏には3,000lが出ます。今年は12アールの畑の点滴かん水設備を作ります。点滴がん水は省力化で良い栽培方法です。

Other grapes

I only grow Shine Muscat, a Japanese variety.  In October I got other table grape varieties, Brazil, Honey Venus, Wink, Ruber Muscat and Black Olympia. Grapes have many flavors, aromas, colors and shapes, because of extensive selective breeding. I like grapes with higher acidity than Shine Muscat, so it was great to taste other grapes.




Just finished cutting the logs. The last one was the biggest, and the most difficult to cut. It is thicker than the chainsaw blade, very heavy and laying on the ground. I made halfway cuts, rolled it over and cut from above again. It was my second day using a chainsaw.