End of summer vacation

Few days before end of summer vacation, my son spent the day with me and helped too. Before that my kids stayed with their grandparents during the weekdays, coming home for the weekends.

Today my son and I went to check the irrigation system in two greenhouses, we also gave some grapes to friends. Then we took some grapes to a farmer’s market. There we put labels and left them on the shelf. Many times there are grapes left after packing for the local cooperative. Last year also my son helped during harvest.


My son likes fishing, so then we went to a couple of shops and he bought some bait and did lots of window shopping.





大きい房は粒バリとても良かったです。夜が涼しいくなると箱詰めをしながら音楽を聞きます。Here is a great new song by Maroon 5, Girls Like You.










Foggy sea

This morning when I drove to ship the grapes, the sea was foggy and cool. It is a 10 minute drive that goes along the coast, over the hills and to a plain. But later the day was hot and the sunshine was covering it all, steady, quiet, straight.







2018 harvest started

This year’s harvest just started. Weather is good, but hotter than last year’s. It has been 100 days after the bloom of the earliest vineyard. The second greenhouse is also ready for harvest, 95 days after bloom. It is going to be a lot of work too. This time some guys are giving a hand, there are new faces too.


Recently I am listening to Silvio Rodriguez. It takes me to the time when I went to high school and university in Colombia. It brings back good memories and feelings also, after so long ago and soo far away.  Canto Arena by Silvio Rodriguez.