Berry Thinning

These days I am working on the less developed vineyards. These grapes will ripen around the end of August. The work consists of manually removing berries from each bunch. This will make a nice bunch with large berries. A bunch with 30 to 35 berries will weigh around 600 g. I usually listen to music while doing berry thinning.

Sheryl Crow, one of my favorite singers, recently released a new album. ‘Be Myself’ is back to rock, like her earlier works. Watch the video and listen to Halfway There

Lazy and Busy




I have been very busy since the season started. From end of January I closed two greenhouses, one of them for heating.

This year most of the vines have reached their full size and fruit bearing capacity. Therefore labor also increased compared to last year’s.  This season I also get help from Pon Pon Sen (NOP working with people with disabilities) and other people.

Shine muscat harvest will start from end of July and will extend until September, depending on the weather.

I have been too lazy to write here.