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Soy Edgar Pimiento, de Colombia. En 2012 inicié entrenamiento en viticultura en Izumo, prefectura de Shimane en Japón. Durante un año hice un curso de producción de uvas de mesa y también una de práctica en un viñedo, especialmente en la producción de la variedad Shine Muscat.

Desde niño yo viví la agricultura de cerca, sin embargo yo no pensé ser agricultor, menos aún en otro país. Mi abuelo fue agricultor y desde muy pequeño yo pasaba las vacaciones en la casa de mis abuelos. Mientras crecí tambien vi a mis tíos trabajar la tierra y supe que la agricultura es difícil en Colombia y en el resto del mundo. Tal vez por eso decidí no ser agricultor y quise ser geólogo. Sin embargo, trabajar en geología o SIG en Shimane también fue difícil y decidí cambiar de profesión.





My name is Edgar Pimiento from Colombia. In 2012 I started training in viticulture (grape growing) in Izumo, Shimane Prefecture, Japan. I took a course for growing table grapes, and also for a year I was a trainee in a vineyard. I particularly trained for growing the variety Shine Muscat. Shine muscat grapes are seedless green table grapes with edible skin. Berries are big (up to 16 g each), have muscat aroma and almost no acidity. Here these grapes are grown in greenhouses with heating to have an early harvest and higher prices. Shine muscat grapes are very popular for gifts in early summer, when people present these in elegant boxes.

When I decided to grow grapes my mother said, go ahead you can do it. However, my father said, think about it. He didn’t think it was a good idea. I came to Japan planning to work on geological surveying and Geographical Information Systems. However, my language skills were not good enough for working in Shimane. So I decided to try grape growing because there was lots of support from the prefecture, the city and the agriculture cooperative. In 2013 I became a certified farmer by the government. As a certified farmer I have access to credit with no interest, subsides and other benefits. This a way to support farming in Japan.

Since I was a kid I spend lots of vacations in my grandfather’s farm. I grew up surrounded by farmers and I many times I heard about how hard farming is in Colombia and the developed countries. This is one reason I never decided to become a farmer like my aunt and uncle. My father also was a farmer but had other business too. Now my mother inherited the farm from my grandpa and she is also a farmer for more than than 30 years.



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