My grapes for sale here. 2017年盆後ご注文受付中

When we have guests meals are better and the house is cleaner. I am sure it happens everywhere, so I like when people come over. Recently, Brad (not his real name, just joking) came for lunch on Sunday. Brad is from the US and had been to Spain for studying, so he speaks Spanish too.

Brad was interested in speaking Spanish and seen the grapes I grow. During the summer in Spain he worked picking grapes and doing other farming work. It was nice to speak Spanish and some English too. For a change, the meal was not colombian food. My kids say that whenever we have guests we have colombian style kidney beans. However, this time it was a new dish for me too. The dish my wife made was moussaka, an eggplant and potatoes baked dish with ground meat. It was very good.

Brad also went to where I pack the grapes and said he had never seen such big berry table grapes. Shine muscat, the grapes I grow, are japanese green seedless table grapes only grown in Japan, as far as I know.




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